Fynomers are small binding proteins derived from the human Fyn SH3 domain. Fynomers can be engineered to bind to target molecules with the same affinity and specificity as antibodies. Genetic fusion of Fynomers to an antibody of choice allows the straightforward production of multispecific FynomAbs.

Fynomers are stable, well soluble and neither have cysteine residues nor disulfide bonds. The X-ray structure of a protease-binding Fynomer® is shown with target binding amino acids as sticks. The 7 kDa small Fynomers are highly suitable for creating multispecific fusion proteins based on antibodies. Fynomers can be fused to N-terminal and/or C-terminal ends of antibodies to create bi- and trispecific FynomAbs with different architectures.


Fynomer Discovery

Fynomers are discovered by state-of-the-art selection & screening technologies. Covagen’s highly diverse library includes 80 billion distinct Fynomers. Phage display selection technology allows the generation of high-affinity Fynomer binding molecules against virtually any target protein of choice. Screening technologies using FACS, Biacore and cell-based assays are used to efficiently select Fynomers with optimal properties.

Intellectual Property

Covagen secured exclusive rights on the Fynomer and FynomAb technology by multiple layers of patents and patent applications.